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e role of Dillon Engineering Services is evolving, especially in these unprecedented times of Covid-19. In Ireland and throughout the world what companies like us are doing is constantly changing. What we were offering to clients and people looking for their right role, as near back as September 2019 is now needing to be refined. Greg Lewis at LinkedIn has written about his predictions for 2025, but we think these changes are coming much sooner.
Here are a few thoughts and a few places we are headed.

Future thought #1: Finding the right people and recruitment will become even more important
Large company TA departments are now having a hard time holding onto their best recruiters. The market is very competitive and new companies with quick and agile teams that are exciting to work in are snapping up the best recruiters.

With the cloud and hundreds of apps and software, remote working and automation, the fight for the best talent has gone up a few gears. There are smaller teams, but the talent level is gone through the roof.
Failing to plan and engage your own TA or external suppliers such as Dillon Engineering Services on the planning for the next wave of required will just lead to frustration when the urgent need comes.

Future thought #2: Hiring plans will change quickly and often…..and change again
Hiring plans will change as projects get delayed. Take Covid-19 and the need for additional space because of social distancing, sales take a hit like Covid-19 health problems and staff turnover occurs due to a new company in the area/sector. One way to stay flexible and agile regarding hiring is to make sure your recruiters or TA have a good understanding of several hiring pools and job types.

Future thought #3: Recruiters will bring more business strategy
In the near future, I expect companies to ask us for a hiring plan and not just execute theirs. Having an understanding of the pharma and med device manufacturing sector, we here at Dillon Engineering Services have the business understanding, strategic thinking and problem solving, added to the recruitment knowhow to inform and guide clients through the development of their business strategies.

Future thought #4: The quality of the hire will be metric to measure (difficult but necessary)
It will be more important to measure not the speed (time to fill) but the business effectiveness of that hire. While any standard ATS can measure time to fill, measuring the quality of the hire can be somewhat qualitative. Bottom line if the client and new hire are delighted, will be getting repeat business and everybody will be winning.

Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR)

Future thought #5: New and better tools and toys
While we have already implemented flexible work options we are now investing in even more recruiting tools and technology.
This new software will not replace the recruiter, but it will reduce all the paperwork and record work which can take up a lot of time. Zoom, Skype, video interviewing, algorithmic screening and auto-response to applications are some of the software we are currently upgrading and have a solid understanding and usage.

Future thought #6: Engaging passive talent, analysing talent data, and advising business leaders will be key skills for recruiters.
For recruiters and staff/contract service providers like us, engaging with passive candidates, analysing talent data, and advising business and project leaders will become even more important these days.
Platforms like LinkedIn, Irishjobs and Indeed have made it far easier to identify amazing candidates. The real challenge will be standing out from the crowd and truly connecting with candidates.
LinkedIn and other platforms are making connections easier, but we now need to focus on bring them on the “new job/role” journey. Knowing your clients, the feel and culture, having examples of who you’ve talked to and how they act, the location (towns/cities) and where they could live are now as important if not more that a 20 line job spec. That is where storytelling and gaining trust with candidates can make a big difference.
Setting business and project leaders expectations is one of the most important roles we now need to execute. Knowing the market rate and availability of candidates is key to understanding when they can hire and at what point. This allows them to set staffing and project plans and not merely set the plan and them demand the resources as maybe expected.
Fortunately, these are the skills we have learned, the expectation setting, the advice and knowledge of the current candidate market, the screening for technical and now more critically the cultural fit. These cannot be learned in a 2 hr training workshop, but only in the real world.

Future thought #7: The recruiting team make-up will change.
The recruitment and talent suppliers are not just a room full of recruiters. To exceed the clients’ expectation, you need a team that can deliver in all required functions. Client salesperson, recruiter, data analyst for research and metrics, marketing and job posting person, people engagement person, financial person. We’re striving to have the best in each of these hotseats.


<![CDATA[Dr. Nina Tuite starts as Director & Scientific Lead]]>Mon, 06 Apr 2020 16:04:14 GMThttp://dillones.ie/whats-happening/dr-nina-tuite-starts-as-director-scientific-lead
Dr. Nina Tuite starts a new position as Director and Scientific Lead at Dillon Engineering Services.
Dr. Nina Tuite graduated from NUI Galway with a PhD in Microbiology. With expertise in infectious disease diagnostics, she has led several European Union research projects over the last several years.

She projected managed the EU Horizon 2020 funded PANDEM project, working with several other institutions and organisations including the World Health Organisation-WHO and The London School of Tropical Medicine.

Nina has held laboratory manager roles at NUIG. Nina has a detailed understanding of the laboratory environment, equipment and processes. Nina’s industry experience comes from working with Beckman Coulter as a senior research scientist developing new test methods and processors. Nina is looking forward to helping new clients who are trying to create and develop their laboratory and scientific team within their organisation.

Nina has worked at National University of Ireland, Galway and Beckman Coulter, Baxter and Boston Scientific.

<![CDATA[DIARMAID FARRELL JOINS AS PARTNER]]>Mon, 06 Apr 2020 15:47:45 GMThttp://dillones.ie/whats-happening/diarmaid-farrell-joins-dillon-engineering-services-as-partnerDIARMAID FARRELL JOINS DILLON ENGINEERING SERVICES AS PARTNER.
Diarmaid recently joined as a Partner. A graduate of the National University of Ireland, Galway he possesses a proven track record of placing top talent into leading life-science companies across Ireland. 

Always striving to bring 100% to what he does, his goal as a recruitment professional is to build strong, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships between candidates and clients alike. 
Having worked in life-science recruitment since 2015 Diarmaid has held positions with prominent companies such as Hays, Team Horizon & Dolmen Engineering. Known for his ‘can-do’ attitude and enthusiasm Diarmaid firmly believes that the right position can change a candidates life while the right hire is invaluable to life science companies in an ever changing and challenging industry. 

Away from the office he is a keen sports man who plays for his local GAA club and coaches at underage. Furthermore he enjoys taking part in 10k races and half-marathons.