About Us

Integrity is everything

Dillon Engineering Services is 100% Irish owned and managed

It’s a company run by experienced pharma and medical device professionals.

We’re your niche supplier of mid-senior level professionals to clients across pharma, biopharma, medical device, semiconductor and energy  sector on both a contract/interim and permanent basis. We want to be our clients “Trusted partners” and our candidates’ friends and colleagues.

Specialist knowledge

Your recruitment partners

We are a highly focused and experienced engineers from the lifescience sector. With specialist knowledge and networking skills, our consultants take pride and value in the service we offer.

Our values

Our core values set the bar for all that we do and make sure we live up to our aim.

At Dillon Engineering Services we believe that you deserve to be working in partnership with passionate industry experts who combine exceptional market knowledge with integrity and energy to save you time and effort recruiting in a competitive market. We believe that by knowing the Irish lifescience sector as we do, we can identify the best and most suitable new members of your team every time.

Our drive

Spotting and securing talent is extremely competitive in the life sciences market.

Constantly pushing and working hard to do better. Spotting and securing talent is extremely competitive in the life sciences market. We will go the extra mile to speak with and meet all viable candidates, make ourselves available 24 hours a day, to make sure our candidates fully understand the role and the company and make sure the candidates that are presented are the right cultural and technical fit for all our clients.

Our passions

The lifescience sector is the only sector that Dillon Engineering Services has worked in.

We are passionate about the sector in which we work in. The lifescience sector is the only sector that Dillon Engineering Services has worked in. As with life and sport we have demonstrated huge passions in what we get involved in. We are constantly striving to improve, to increase our knowledge and to increase the enjoyment our employees have. Going forward we want to exceed every client’s expectations and the expectations of all candidates that interact with us.
Our integrity

Being honest with our clients and candidates from the start is our strongest value.

We’ve even added it to our logo and this message is the cornerstone of this company and it’s culture – “Trusted Partners”. From initially speaking to our clients we want to set realistic expectations in terms of the time to fill and the costs involved. We’re not in this for the short term, but want to develop a partnership with our clients and candidates We believe that our commitment to all of these creates better partnerships with our clients and leads to better results for everyone involved.

Trusted Partnership

Working together with our clients to achieve more than we could apart.

We believe that consistently exceptional results come from a close bond with our clients: From day-one, we do everything we can to truly understand your company culture and the type of candidate that suits your company or project. We’ll highlight to you not only the positives, but also the areas of either technical or personal concern we may have identified during our initial screening and make sure we’re all agreed, prior to presenting the candidate to you.
Our knowledge

We know what makes a great engineer, technician or scientist.

Working in and knowing the competitive pharma, biopharma and device landscape, we know what makes a great engineer, technician or scientist, and we also know how to tease this information out of the candidates. Knowledge of the current costs of resources between the different Irish regions and the potential risks from a retention perspective ensures that we mitigate these risks prior to submission of any candidate to our clients. Our directors and staff have walked in your shoes and ensure they keep their industry knowledge up-to-date by regularly attending conferences and seminars.

Dillon Engineering Services work to support all Biopharma, Medical Device, CRO’s, Semiconductor and Energy companies in Ireland.