Recommend a friend!

Do you happen to know anyone who is in search of a new job? Feel free to pass their information along to us. We are currently seeking individuals with expertise in Biopharma, Medical Device, CRO’s, Semiconductor and Energy. Here at Dillon Engineering Services, we continuously search for exceptional candidates to fill various positions across Ireland, Europe and other regions. Simply submit their details to us and if you qualify with the T&C’s below you could earn yourself 500 for roles nationwide.

Required details

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for the opportunity to receive a financial reward for recommending someone to Dillon Engineering Services, the recommended contact must not be registered with Dillon Engineering Services.

The financial reward will be paid once a contact recommended to Dillon Engineering Services is placed in a role through Dillon Engineering Services and has completed 4 weeks of work.

This is not applicable to existing referrals or those currently in progress.

For more information, please email us at

Dillon Engineering Services work to support all Biopharma, Medical Device, CRO’s, Semiconductor and Energy companies in Ireland.